Your Total Cleaning Service in Torbay & South Devon


Are you looking for Legionella Control, Commercial Cleaning or Carpet Cleaners in Torbay? Clean it All are happy to help!


We specialize in the carpet cleaning, legionella control and cleaning services for both Domestic and Commercial clients in Torbay and South Devon area.

Our comprehensive range of equipment also enables us to tackle anything from general household cleaning to offices, shops, factories, boats swimming pools etc, hence the name "CLEAN IT ALL".


Covering South Devon is easy with our fleet of vehicles out on the road daily. 


This means you can rest assured that our response time will be much quicker than that of our competitors. 



Carpet & Upholstery

It all depends on just how you look at it! And you do look at it - each and every day - everywhere. You walk on it; you rest on it, and you pay for it. but do you clean it - and how? 


Why not ask for professional advice about our carpet cleaning in Torbay  from our fully trained staff? 


Commercial Cleaning

During the past 30 years we've fast become one Torbay's leading commercial cleaning companies of choice, for both commercial cleaning services and specialist cleaning services.


We see this as a testament to our exceptional standard off cleans, coupled with our highly trained, reliable cleaning operatives.


Gutter Cleaning

Commercial gutter cleaning services in Torbay and surrounding areas of South Devon and we offer services for all business owners looking for a reliable and friendly roof and gutter cleaning company who are affordable and thorough in their work.


Our teams are health & safety trained and fully insured!

Pest Control

If you've got rats, mice, wasp's, flea's, ant's, bedbug's ,cockroach's, file's we can help.


Because our highly trained operators have access to a wide range of different pest control products. So let's get moving! Whether you have bedbugs, fleas, rats, mice, wasps, bees.


Residential Cleaning

Cleaning and polishing of hard floor areas, Vinyl, Marble, Wood etc. Cleaning of Acoustic Ceilings, Suspended Ceilings. Steam Cleaning. Graffiti Removal/Protection. Sanitising of Kitchen, Toilets etc.


Cleaning of Windows, Blinds, Awnings, Roofs, Walls, Patio's, Paths, Swimming Pools and Kitchen Equipment.


Valeting Services

Boats - We can offer a Monthly Contract whereby the vessel is washed off with film remover to remove surface salts and grime, a fresh water pressure wash and a wax coat applied to the exterior of the boat through the pressure washer; clean and polish all glass work; clean and polish stainless steel as required.


We also valet cars and motorcycles.






Our new product releases free oxygen radicals that attack the cell membrane damaging its integrity and function.


  • Product binds to the DMS halting replication and metabolic function.
  • Product binds to the cell’s enzymes incapacitating their energy source.
  • Touch-less disinfection service - WE ELIMINATE
  • 99.999999% of bacteria, viruses, mould & odours!
  • Norovirus (Stomach bug), Rhinovirus (Common Cold), MRSA, Meningitis and 140 other pathogens


Why use it?


We offer you leading technology, to help you protect your staff, clients, and business. Using the Clean it All's new system enables you to generate extra income by offering a premium service.

"Congratulations to Darthaven Marina. They are the first to use the Protocol 123 Disinfection and Sanitiser process for the facilities used by their Berth Holders. Always trying to improve and enhance facilities at their Marina Darthaven again took another step forward. The application of Clincoat ensures Bacteria, Viruses and Odours are controlled.


Along with other measures already in place including Water Hygiene, Environmentally Friendly products and water saving devices this Marina must be one of the fore runners in service and standards."




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