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Professional Black Mould Removal

Across the UK Mould is classified as a category one health hazard, and is assessed under the housing health and safety rating system 2000, which is the same as asbestos. It is a toxic substance and exposure to mould can be a serious risk to health, with negative health effects including a few of those mentioned below:

  • skin irritation
  • allergic reaction
  • respiratory conditions
  • respiratory tract infections
  • persistent coughs
  • asthma attacks
  • shortness of breath
  • immune systems problems

If you are concerned about treating or removing mould growth or feel that the problem is currently out of control, then Cleanitall are here to help. We offer a 3 stage Mould Removal treatment

mould removal services

3 Stage Mould Removal Service

Stage 1: Eradication of Mould

The solution cleans the surfaces and kills all visible signs of mould spores, using the following Black mould removal method:

1. Wash down mould infected surfaces with our specialist mould removal solution, diluted with 4 parts of warm water using a brush, sponge or cloth.  Extend treatment to one metre in all directions beyond all visible signs of infection.

Coverage must not exceed 10 square metres per diluted litre.

To carpets that have been affected with mould growth , we roll back the carpet and wash down the floor surface with our black mould removal solution, and spray the underside of the carpet with or mould treatment spray.


We wash down with our specialist mould removal solution prior to stripping, then bag up the wallpaper, seal it, and remove it from the premises immediately.

We then wash the area again with our mould removal product and allow it to dry before proceeding, ensuring there is adequate ventilation in the room.

This stage is essential as our product will kill all mould spores and prevent them from spreading to other areas, eradicating future mould growth.

Stage 2a: Preparation

We prepare surfaces in accordance with good trade practice.  Scrape off all loose or flaking paint and rub down to a sound surface.

Etch previously gloss painted surfaces with glasspaper to form a key.

All preparation work will be done before the barrier solution has been applied.

Stage 2b: Application of Fungicidal Barrier 

One coat of the fungicidal barrier solution is applied with a brush, diluted down with 4 parts water.  As with the first stage the treatment is applied at least one metre beyond the areas of infection in all directions, the solution is then allowed to dry.  

In areas of heavy infection, a second coat is added for your peace of mind.

Stage 2c: Staining and/or Efflorescence

A single liberal coat of stain block is applied to seal the surface and prevent any bleeding through prior to decoration.

Stage 3: Decorative Finish

EMULSION - 2 coats of special matt or silk emulsion by brush or roller at a coverage of approximately 12 square metres per litre per coat is applied. It is recommended that Silk is used in kitchens and bathrooms.

WALLPAPER FINISH - 2 fungicidal additives are added to the wallpaper paste mix. For embossed and lining papers the additives are used as well as 2 coats of emulsion as above.

GLOSS FINISH - For woodwork, metal windows etc.

We apply 2 finishing coats of our special water based gloss to all surfaces, any bare surfaces will also be primed with our special water based gloss.


Cleanitall really are ahead of the game when it comes to mould removal, we cover all areas of South Devon and offer a fast, professional service.

If you would like a free quote please don't hesitate to contact us using the short form on every page of our website, or give us a call on 01803 844 564.

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It all depends on just how you look at it! And you do look at it - each and every day - everywhere. You walk on it; you rest on it, and you pay for it. but do you clean it - and how? 

Why not ask for professional advice about our carpet cleaning in Torbay from our fully trained staff?


During the past 30 years we've fast become one Torbay's leading commercial cleaning companies of choice, for both commercial cleaning services and specialist cleaning services. We see this as a testament to our exceptional standard off cleans, coupled with our highly trained, reliable cleaning operatives.


Commercial gutter cleaning services in Torbay and surrounding areas of South Devon and we offer services for all business owners looking for a reliable and friendly roof and gutter cleaning company who are affordable and thorough in their work. Our teams are health & safety trained and fully insured!


If you've got rats, mice, wasp's, flea's, ant's, bed bug's ,cockroach's, file's we can help.

Because our highly trained operators have access to a wide range of different pest control products. So let's get moving! Whether you have bedbugs, fleas, rats, mice, wasps, bees.


Cleaning and polishing of hard floor areas, Vinyl, Marble, Wood etc. Cleaning of Acoustic Ceilings, Suspended Ceilings. Steam Cleaning. Graffiti Removal/Protection. Sanitising of Kitchen, Toilets etc.

Cleaning of Windows, Blinds, Awnings, Roofs, Walls, Patio's, Paths, Swimming Pools and Kitchen Equipment.


Boats - We can offer a Monthly Contract whereby the vessel is washed off with film remover to remove surface salts and grime, a fresh water pressure wash and a wax coat applied to the exterior of the boat through the pressure washer; clean and polish all glass work; clean and polish stainless steel as required. We also valet cars and motorcycles.


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