We can offer a Monthly Contract whereby the vessel is washed off with film remover to remove surface salts and grime, a fresh water pressure wash and a wax coat applied to the exterior of the boat through the pressure washer; clean and polish all glass work; clean and polish stainless steel as required.


If you are enjoying your stay at a Marina, why not treat your vehicle to a valet. We can offer a full or partial valet to suit your requirements.

We are also able to offer a laundry service for your sheets and towels, so that clean linen will be available for your next visit.


If time is short and you don't want to waste it shopping for food, gas and fuel, then just inform us of the day you will be arriving at your boat and we will have her completely stocked up ready and waiting. We will even ensure that the water supply is fresh and full to the brim.




  • Full or partial valets to your requirements
  • Polishing of topsides and superstructures
  • Steam cleaning of engines
  • Cleaning of Engine Room and bilges
  • Cleaning of carpets and upholstery, stain protection
  • Cleaning of teak work, stainless steel and sails
  • Regular contracts welcome
  • Cleaning of covers and canopies 




  • Near or far we can valet your car
  • Full or partial valets to your requirements
  • Steam cleaning of engines
  • Odour removal
  • Cleaning and maintenance of carpets and upholstery by Wet or Dry extraction cleaning
  • Regular contracts welcome
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